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Celia Welch — Winemaker

As one of North America's most highly regarded winemakers, Celia Welch has earned a reputation for her winemaking artistry and her commitment to crafting wines that embody the essential character of great vineyards.

Born in Medford, Oregon, Celia's parents were passionate wine lovers and avid home winemakers. This foundation combined with Celia's early fascination for aromas and flavors, and her love of the rural lifestyle, led her naturally to a career in winemaking. After earning her fermentation science degree from the University of California, Davis, Celia explored the winegrowing regions of the United States, New Zealand and Australia, where she worked in the Barossa Valley.

In the two decades since, Celia's journey as a winemaker has helped her develop an acclaimed winemaking style noted for its emphasis on maintaining the purity and flavor of great fruit. A sought-after consulting winemaker, Celia's portfolio of clients has included top wineries such as Scarecrow, Corra, D.R. Stephens, Staglin Family Vineyard, and Hartwell Estate. Celia was named Food & Wine Magazine's 2008 Winemaker of the Year.

While working in the Stags Leap District, Celia watched the planting of Lindstrom Wines' Nicali Vineyard with great interest. “It amazed me that Greg and Carol were attempting to grow vines on such a challenging site,” says Celia. “It showed a real commitment. That kind of passion and that clear sense of mission, combined with a great site, is what makes an exceptional wine.”

In 2005, Celia joined the Lindstrom team as winemaker. In this capacity she works closely with vineyard manager Michael Wolf and the Lindstroms to craft Cabernet Sauvignons that express the unique terroir of Nicali Vineyard.

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Michael Wolf, Vineyard Manager


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