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As the founders of Nicali Vineyard and Lindstrom Wines, Greg and Carol Lindstrom have spent a decade bringing their dream of crafting a world-class Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to fruition. To achieve this goal, they have dedicated themselves to the meticulous cultivation of their 4-acre Nicali Vineyard.

Featuring a complex tapestry of exposed ridgeline and hillside plantings carved from their 20-acre property in the heart of Stags Leap, the Lindstroms espouse a winemaking philosophy firmly rooted in the soil. As good stewards of the land, which also includes their family home, the Lindstroms believe in hand-farming Nicali using environmentally conscious sustainable practices. In keeping with this natural, less-invasive approach to viticulture, they also champion a gentle style of winemaking that honors the character and integrity of their estate fruit.

Advocating an absolute focus on quality and excellence, the Lindstroms have assembled a small team of gifted individuals to help them cultivate and craft their Cabernet Sauvignon. This team includes acclaimed winemaker Celia Welch and renowned vineyard manager Michael Wolf. As proprietors, and as longtime wine lovers, Greg and Carol are now joined by their daughter, Nicole Lindstrom Krouse, in bringing their collective dream to reality. Together, with Celia and Mike, the Lindstroms strive to contribute their passion, vision and leadership to the success of Lindstrom Wines.

Celia Welch, Winemaker

Michael Wolf, Vineyard Manager



Gregory Lindstrom and Carol Lindstrom

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